Things to Do—Fishing

With four major salmon rivers nearby – Kispiox, Skeena, Bulkley and Suskwa – New Hazelton and the surrounding area is a prime spot for fishing.

Summer to early fall is the busy season for catching various types of salmon, while October is the time to target steelhead. Most fishing in the area is done from the banks of the rivers and while wading in the water.


Kispiox River

The Kispiox River is especially well known throughout the province for the number and size of its fish. Tie a fly on the line, stand on the banks of the river and enjoy the scenery and curious wildlife in the area. Wave to the kayakers and rafters as they float by.

The calm lakes nearby also make good angling destinations for trout and other freshwater fish. Ice fishing is possible in the winter.

Fishing Guides

Choose between exploring the riverbanks and waters with or without a guide a guide. The Kispiox Valley has several private guides that also run bed and breakfasts, which makes a package deal an easy way to go. Skeena Eco-expeditions, a local eco-tourism company, also has fishing guides for hire and offers other tours of the area.

Practical Points

  • To learn more about the restoration and monitoring of fish habitat, visit the Kispiox fish hatchery in Kispiox Village. It’s open year-round and offers free tours.
  • The best fishing spots depend on the time of year, the target catch, and various other factors. Ask at the New Hazelton Visitor Centre for tips.
  • Note that all fishers 16-years-old and over, residents and non-residents, require a license to fish. Licenses are available on the BC government website.

Photo and Information Courtesy of HelloBC