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On our 2nd drive to Alaska, we decided to take the Cassier Hwy instead of the Alcan. We actually went through New Hazelton and stopped for gas before heading north. We figured we would stop in the next 30 minutes or so for the night but the gas attendant told us it would be several hours so we back tracked to New Hazelton. There are very few motels and the Name Robbers Roost made me hesitant. But it looked the nicest and cleanest so we went for it. During check in, I was talking with the owner who moved from Holland to this teeny spot in middle of nowhere and bought a motel. I asked why go from Holland to New Hazelton, that Holland was a beautiful place! He pointed out the windows to the mountains across the street and said 'that's why' It is a beautiful setting and he said Holland had millions of ppl and very crowded. No worries of crowds here. Now for anyone not traveled through Canada or Alaska.... You can go forever without seeing another person. The motels are usually smaller, family owned and None have a/c. I know a lot of ppl don't need a/c, but I always feel stuffy without some air moving. They do all usually have an good fan and if you crack a window with the fan on, it was just right. In fact we ended up spending the entire summer without a/c on the side of a mountain under Birch and Aspen trees and never got too warm! Room was clean, nothing fancy but wasn't expected in this type location. I wouldn't hesitate to stay again. And the next day we counted 21 bear along the road so that with the scenery made a perfect day!
Robber's Roost Motel, New Hazelton BC
Trip Advisor Review, Robber's Roost Motel, New Hazelton BC